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America 2019

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Only 3 months late, but I've finally sorted through all my photos from my trip to the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA and I have compiled my favourite 30 photos or so. It was my first trip to North America and the USA and it was a huge culture shock that I really didn't expect. Staying with my girlfriends parents, I traveled to 4 surrounding states from Pennsylvania visiting cities such as NYC and Philadelphia. There are simply to many photos to stick on this blog, however if there is demand for a part 2 I will happily share some more shots! Many thanks to all of the great people I met on my trip, both in the car community and out. Hopefully I'll be returning to the same region next year for some car related antics...

The town I was staying in for the majority of my travels. Reading in Pennsylvania.

Some Amish children working on their family farm. Lancaster, PA

On the first day on my trip, a traditional American diner.

My first time encountering Mennonite people, fair to say I could upload a blog entirely on photos of some of the slogans written outside their churches!

Hershey Park, PA. Not a lover of the chocolate but I had to swoop by whilst travelling near the iconic factory.

I hiked a staggering 10 metres of the 2,200 mile-long Appalachian trail. Will have to try for 20m next time I'm there!

I saw endless amounts of old American muscle cars during my trip, I could easily do a whole blog on just them as well!

A quick stop at McLaren Philadelphia allowed me to see this stunning 600LT. One of two 600LT's I saw for sale that day.

Didn't expect to see this AMG GTC during my day trip to the states of Maryland and Delaware. I saw this car in the small town of Havre De Grace.

No shortage of Corvettes were seen during my trip, heres one being worked on in the town of Reading.

A turtle I saw at a national park in Maryland, really wanted to see one during my trip so was really happy to find one. Wasn't a fan of the humidity though.

Found this old Corvette on my first full day in the states whilst having a bit of an explore. Also met @the.rolling.times and checked out his sweet BMW. Will try and meet up with him again next year to produce some photos!

Philadelphia was a huge and dynamic city, unlike any I've been to previously. I was honoured to check out my great-grandads former house in the historic part of the city, being the first in the family to return to Philadelphia after over 100 years was a weird and welcoming feeling.

Down-town Philadelphia. Fair to say it was unlike anything I've seen before.

Thought I was going to get shot taking this photo as the man who owned it seemed extremely angry that I was photographing it. He couldn't understand my English accent, I don't speak hillbilly, but eventually after his son translated to him that I liked his car and just wanted to get some photos he seemed alright with me.

Have a look at my previous blog where I extensively covered a car show I attended when I stayed over-night in the town of Wildwood, New Jersey.

An eerie morning at Wildwood beach whilst the fog was still thick.

My penultimate day in the USA, visiting NYC with my girlfriend. After hopping on the ferry from Hoboken in NJ to mid-town, we ventured to Central Park where I watched my first ever baseball game.

Ran into @bc and his mega 997 Gembella Porsche whilst having a walk around. Didn't expect to see any supercars in New York so this was a pleasant surprise.

The last 'good' shot of my trip, taken the night before I was due to fly home from Newark to Heathrow. Its fair to say the ferry over the Hudson from NYC to NJ is incredible, especially at night.

If you've got this far, congratulations! This trip was a complete eye-opener for me, I traveled to a new continent, went to new cities,travelled to new communities and met some great people. I am thinking about doing a work-based trip to the same region next year, with the intention that my photography essentially pays for the entire trip. If you are interested or know anyone who might be willing to get their car photographed by an Englishman in the mid-atlantic region then send me an email and hopefully my trip can become a reality!

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