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Norwich 2017-2020.

Two weeks ago I moved out of Norwich and indeed Norfolk, ending my education as well as my stay in the Eastern county. The end of this three-year era comes at quite unfortunate timing, with the pandemic limiting good-byes and a chance to experience the city as freely as I would have liked.

With no signs of the lockdown ceasing in the relative short-term future, my next career steps are quite foggy and to plan an exact pathway has proved difficult. The free time I have gained has however given me a chance to reflect upon my time here. I will truly remember and appreciate the experiences, education (becoming a recent Photography graduate from NUA), and of course, meeting some genuinely epic people throughout the past three years.

I have been fortunate to meet so many friendly and engaging characters from all walks of life; from my university course, people that have engaged with me for personal photography projects, people who have commissioned me for photography work and the residents of this fine city. No doubt each person I have met and the experiences I have gained have given me a broader insight into life in Norwich and to life itself.

Whilst I look into my options for the future more in depth in the coming weeks, I leave a small selection of photos I have taken from in and around Norwich. This group of photos mainly consist of some personal moments as well as some of the cars that I was able to shoot in and around town. One of my main objectives of my time here was to grow my confidence behind the camera, as well as in general. I'd like to feel that I have achieved this, and I feel that my confidence can only grow as I gain more experience.

It's crazy to think that nearly three years have flown by since the first week I moved to this city, which was when I took the photo below. I was keen to arrive early for my first lecture, and since I had some time spare I stopped to take this photo of Norwich Cathedral. It became a subject which I would grow accustomed to when on my walk to university as I crossed the Wensum river.

My love for this city grew as time went on, not only for Karma night club (and "The Best Kebab and Pizza" on Prince of Wales Street after a night out), but also for the unique charm that I found throughout the cobbled streets of this town.

A massive thank you to everyone that has helped me along my journey, hopefully the next three years will be even better!


I used to walk past this Onyx design Bentley on the way to university each day, and after growing amounts of curiosity I snapped some camera shots of it. Not everyones cup of tea but it was something I always looked at on my walk.

My first winter in Norwich, and the only time it heavily snowed throughout my time there. Such a brilliant view of the city from Mousehold Heath!

A street that I have walked down many-a-time on the way to lectures, Elm Hill.

International Earth day, 2018. Very wet.

The view from the car park next to my flat, never could get bored of looking at the cathedral.

Norwich Castle, 2019.

Another one from Rose Lane car park, 2019.

The magnificent reflections of the town-houses on the Wensum.

Red Lion Street, 2019.

The first car I shot in Norwich, and what a special one it is! The highest specced (at the time) Lamborghini Aventador S in the UK, 2019.

The iconic Renault 4 shot for a personal project in the small town of Wymondham, Norfolk.

Mercedes-Benz Norwich shop launch at Chapelfield Gardens, 2019.

Harveys "Dragon Green" Corrado VR6 photographed in Attleborough. I'm a big fan of the colour!

A pub I used to go to regularly, sadly its been boarded-up for a few months now.

Ryan's GLA45 AMG photographed around the corner from Snetterton race track, 2019.

A beautiful sky over Norwich one evening in 2019.

Mousehold Heath at night, with the famous prison in the back-ground.

A car that I would see almost every day at one point, the Renntech AMG GTR. Formerly owned by Youtuber Shmee150, it was always a car that I looked out for!

A similar story with this British racing green SVR, a truly brilliant car in a great spec.

Andy's old Porsche 944, shot in this cinematic style for some personal work. This shoot sparked my love for the 944, and indeed a dream to one-day own one!

Andy's Jaguar XKR on Elm Hill, 2020.

The final car shoot from my time in Norwich, featuring Alec's Mini Cooper JCW.

Now that my time in Norwich is over, I'll be living in Essex full-time. If you have any photographic needs and you operate in/ and around the London area, please don't hesitate to get in touch at;

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