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Paris 2019

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I recently embarked on a two night trip to Paris with my girlfriend with the aim of showing her around the sights and to have a rest after a hectic hand-in period at university. With my girlfriend having never been to France let alone Paris I felt obliged to try and show her as much of the culture as possible and to try and explain why I like France so much. Here are some shots from my short but amazing trip...

I have a huge love for all things green! Even these huge metal doors...

Everyone is so dapper in Paris, I always felt underdressed!

Like London you find some very quirky buildings tucked away down alleys, always fun to explore!

When in France...


I could of photographed every balcony I saw in Paris but there were so many and they're all so beautiful! Potentially a future photo-project!

Despite cars not being the main reason of the trip I'm always on the look out for some and couldn't resist getting a shot of this gorgeous Huracan in a rather photogenic location...

Till next time, Paris!

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