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Cars & Coffee at P&A Wood.

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of growing a great relationship with the team at P&A Wood, one of the World's most renowned Rolls Royce specialist. Recently they announced that they would be organising a Cars & Coffee event - naturally I had to go!

On a bright and crisp Saturday morning I headed down there in a mates stunning little R170 SLK. The variety of cars were incredible, everything from a 70's Dodge Charger to (not one but two!) Ferrari Pista's attended. Without further ado, here are nearly 70 photos from the event...

If you managed to get this far, thank you for viewing! This event was definitely one to remember and I hope to attend many more in the future.

If you are the owner of one of the cars featured in this blog and would like to discuss any images, please email me at

I am an Essex based automotive photographer, specialising in photography for editorials, automotive businesses and private clients. If you would like a personalised photoshoot with your car, please reach out via the email given above.


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