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Out East, April 2021.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

After being fed up with lockdown, not attending meets and generally being unable to enjoy my love of cars, I was finally given the opportunity to attend an incredible event based in the East End. Organised by Porsche Club GB London, an eclectic array of cars met up for the first event of the year. This was also my first time attending this meet and I was not disappointed in any capacity. Everything from Porsche 356's to GT2RS' were there, with a mix of classic, modern classic and modern cars sprawled across the streets.

The atmosphere of the event was incredibly up-beat and everyone, I'm sure, were happy to be out photographing, chatting and generally having a good time. For myself, it was a realisation that I truly love being around these types of cars and that I need to make this meet a monthly date in my calendar. The sheer variation of cars, and the sharp juxtaposition of the urban, gritty environment were a welcome change to the marble streets of Mayfair, or trackside at Silverstone.

Many thanks to the owners for taking their stunning cars out and to Porsche Club GB for organising such a brilliant event. If you are the owner of one of the cars below, please reach out and say hello at

Below are around 40 photographs from the event, I actually took a lot more but this blog needs to end at some point!

Well done if you got this far! Once again, if you are the owner of any of these cars or you just want to reach out and say hello, please email me at I am an automotive photographer based in Essex and I am available for private photoshoots.



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