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London Concours 2020.

In early August I unexpectedly received a message from good friend and Corrado owner Harvey to join him at the London concours 2020 for a day. It was an event I had heard a lot about and was thrilled that I had the opportunity to attend, given that Corona had cancelled a lot of my plans this was the first 'official' car show I had attended in 2020. Considering it was mid August, and the peak of the British summer time, I was optimistic and hoped for dry weather however for the entire 7 hour day there was not a moment that it wasn't hammering it down. Despite this I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, photographing everything from Group B rally cars to multi-million pound hypercars! As well as catching up with Harvey the event gave a great opportunity to meet lots of new faces as well as connect with some that I had wanted to! Despite the weather I feel I did at least a few of the cars justice with the photographs I took...

If you've got this far, thank you for looking through these photos and please do get in touch if you have any photography enquiries or queries at

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