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Slammedenuff 2019: New Jersey

Recently I embarked on an epic 2-week journey across the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. Having never previously visited the US and indeed North America the trip was rather daunting but I was really excited to check the country out, especially the car scene!

One of my stops on the trip brought me to an overnight stay in the town of Wildwood in New Jersey. Coincidentally, I ran into Slammedenuff New Jersey, one of the largest modified car shows on the East coast. Despite not going inside the exhibition halls I did see a wide range of cars, mainly modified JDM, across my one-night stay. I was really impressed by the diversity of cars and since the US have slightly more relaxed modifying laws compared to the UK, there was a huge opportunity to see some truly mental creations. Here are a few of my favourite…

If you own any of these cars or know anyone that owns them don't hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange possible shoots for the future!

Whilst these sort of cars aren't part of my normal scene I really enjoyed having a look around and photographing them, who thinks I should go out there again next year?

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